Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March

YAY! I finally had a few minutes to myself to churn out some good work and I'm so glad I was also able to get them listed! I hope I don't have to go that long in between beging able to create new items again. I hope that March brings with it a healthier Season and less sickness in our house! Did you know that I am turning 30 this month?!? How exciting! I can't believe i have been on this planet for 30 years. It seems so much longer! haha! I feel like I have not quite accomplished what I was put on this earth to do yet, so hopefully I can figure out just what that may be.
No school today, so I have several plans going on today for the kiddies! We are working on a new grouping of sight words early in the morning and then reading some new library books. We will be having waffles and fresh fruit for breakfast and then I have several activities planned! I hope it's a fun day! We will be baking cookies and decorating them and then we will be stringing beads to make backpack bling! hahaha!! Enjoy your Monday readers!!


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