Monday, April 19, 2010

Going Nautical?

The Dress (Vintage on Etsy 16.95)
The Shoes (Vintage from Antique Mal 6.78)
The Bracelet (Thrifted and then altered into a long necklace, twisted bracelet 6.00)
The Bag ( Gift with purchase, I added an anchor charm zipper pull in gold and a little seahorse charm &
a nautical colored vintage scarf to the handle 1.00<---For the scarf/ bag was a freebie)

I am all about the color YELLOW this year! I am determined to make it the color of Summer! I have been buying pieces up and creating them here and there for awhile now. Along with that look, I have also fallen for the Vintage Sailor Girl look! I was on the hunt for the perfect dress for month and finally found one on Etsy! I keep myself on a strict budget for frivolous spending, and this seller was SOOO fabulous about holding this item for me. As long as I sell over 2 items every day, I should have bit of fun money left to spend in 3 days. (I toss all my profit after fees and bills and such into our travel account and out of that I only keep 20% of the pure profit for anything I would like to spend it on) I cannot wait to get it and have it hemmed up and then add my other pieces I have been collecting to it!


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