Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Favorite Thing RIGHT NOW

As I shared last week, it was my Birthday!! I got a wonderful new toy among other fabulosities , the NooK E-reader by B&N, is everything I hoped it would be! Fantastic and Sweet and soooo cool all wrapped up in the coolest book EVER! i have already downloaded and read loads of books, just since this weekend! I am still undecided about which cover I want, since there are sooo many to choose from!!!
The first toy I bought for my new gadget was the pink back for it! It totally brightens the piece up! It was a drab grey before and now it's beach ready! i love that on the B&N site I can keep a wishlist and people can either buy or send me a gift cards for anything on my list! I love that!!! It's a fantastic toy with soooo many possibilities! I even have a Newspaper Subscription on it!!!

(Some of My birthday loot from family members)


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