Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Treasure Chest

This weekend took me to Geneva, IL where I found the BEST Antique Market. The prices and the selection can't be beat. I was looking for buttons for a custom order that someone had and I fell in love with a few other things as well! I bought the buckles because I love to make impromptu belts out of Mens Vintage Ties. I also found the CUTEST EVER gold tone nautical bangle. If you are ever in town be sure to stop here! Even my husband found a lot to look at! I will hopefully be back next week! Enjoy your visit and share your treasures!

There are a few other Antique places in town on State Street. The one in the little house a bit out of town is alright, but the one right in downtown near the Starbucks is incredibly over priced and not stocked very well. Definitely stick in the Berry House and you will not be disappointed! Be sure to schedule in a lunch while you are there over at the Egg Harbor Cafe, always divine and will also give you the energy to keep hunting for amazing finds!


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