Thursday, May 13, 2010

Having Fun!

I took the kids on a surprise overnight to the waterpark! Little did we know that when we checked in the park was closed due to maintenance!!! I was not about to disappoint my little ones who have been missing their daddy lately (he is working 2 jobs 1st and 2nd shift and they don't see him much during the week), so we worked it out to check into a hotel a bit down the road with a small pool. It's not the waterpark they know and love, but they are having a blast anyway! Goes to show that it could be a small plastic pool or a huge Walt Disney World waterpark and the kids will still have the same amount of fun! We're headed back to the pool for the 3rd time! 3 kids and 1 lil ole me is rough, but I too am having the time of my life!


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