Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun With Food....

Lately with my father in the hospital, I have had to not only make my food creative, but portable. We have been chugging to the hospital daily and spending all day there. For 3 little ones the 2 hour car ride is enough, but add in having to sit still and be quiet? Well it's pure torture. Not to mention that grandpa is their best buddy ever and seeing him sick is just not good for anyone.

Bento Boxes were the PERFECT thing for toting snacks and goodies on the car ride and once we were in the hospital. The kids love the compartments and the cute accessories that come with the art of Bento. They never take long to assemble and are always a fun and healthy option for keeping kids interested. (did I mention that my husband works 2 jobs and I was going this alone????)

When my daughter landed in the same hospital as my dad only HOURS after leaving (Only she was in the ER and dad was in the ICU), I was a wreck. I got light headed with all the blood and ended up falling to the floor. She was fooling around at my parents house and knocked out her front tooth. We were lucky (HAH!) that at age 5, these were only her baby teeth. With the now missing tooth, fat and swollen lip and pain, I was no challenged with making these Bentos Cute, Fun, Creative, Healthy and now SOFT! I knew this was the perfect time to bring out the Egg Molds.

These Egg molds are super easy to use and the kids had a BLAST eating with them, they now ask for an egg EVERY DAY in their little box! Head on over to Ebay and you too can join in on the fun! (The food fun, not the hospital fun!!)

Egg Mold Usage:
First: boil your eggs.
Second: you peel the egg while it is still hot.
Third: you will pop it into the mold
Fourth: put them in the fridge for 1 hour at minimum. I like to do 3 and I've heard that people do them at night and then leave them overnight. (I will start doing this, but I HAD to do a review first)
Fifth, pop open the mold and VOILA!

Your best bet is a large or extra large egg and don't worry if it smashes when you close the lid, just clean up the excess and it will turn out great!

Since they take so long to do, you will most likely want at least 3-5 in your collection!
Kids carrying their activity packs and snack boxes are tucked neatly inside!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Aw, poor baby! Man you guys have all the fun!!!

Ladyulia said...

hey, nice to find this domphans

Ladyulia said...

hey, nice to find this domphans

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