Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Note From My Facebook Fanpage..

I've mentioned this in passing before on my FACEBOOK wall, I want to go into more detail. Accessories can do so much for your outfits. A simple white t-shirt and jeans can go bohemian with a hemp bag and wooden hoop earrings. It can go Chic with diamond studs and a simple thin chained necklace. Want to make it funky? Pair your outfit with an ice cream cone necklace and giant bangle. 1 outfit can be many if you take the time to pair it with just the right pieces.

Today, I headed out for a bike ride wearing black leggings and a pink fitted cotton shirt. The shirt has a bow at the top of the collar, so I knew right off the bat, NO NECKLACE. Without a necklace, I had to overcompensate on the earrings to make a statement. I went with my personal M pink earrings from MCW ( and then I added a pink Mahjong bracelet (also MCW), to balance out the pink, I added a vintage bangle in black and then one on pink to alternate pink/black/pink on the wrist.

Since I was riding around on a vintage cruiser style Electra, I wanted to add some kitsch to the outfit by bringing along my astro turf bag (complete with gnome!) and my vintage E.T. Messenger bag carried the packages I had to deliver.

Pulled together, it had an eclectic look that make me who I am :) At first glance a little crazy, but it's me!

What accessories are you wearing today? Share!
This is another of my favorite accessories, my black cats eye glasses, click HERE to see!


sassypackrat said...

Sounds colorful and fun!

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