Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy Bee....

I've been a busy bee lately and figured I would share what all I have been up to! I started out with planning our family menu for the week on Sunday. If you have any questions, just ask!
What I need:
Menu page (holds 3 weeks of menus and grocery lists
Pages of Recipes
Family Planner

I start with my Page printed out from PhotoScape.
I break this page up into 3 weeks worth of BLD (breakfast, LUNCH, Dinner)

I use the bottom of that menu page to write the groceries needed and break that up into 3 sections (1 column for each week).

I keep a file folder stuffed with magazine and newspaper and internet clippings of recipes we like, want to try etc. This is full of snacks, meals, drinks and anything else that looks yummy to us. This keeps me from having stacks of magazines everywhere. I just keep pages and that's that!
I plan our meals so that no one day is too calorie or carb heavy:
Sandwiches for lunch, means that we will have a light dinner.
Full breakfast usually means salad or soup or something equally fresh for lunch.

We try to eat meat for dinner only 3 or 4 times a week.

If we end up going out to dinner, I usually tuck that meal away for another week and follow through as normal, UNLESS I have already pre-prepped for it the night before.

I ALWAYS use a pencil in case I want to change things up and I always have our day planner at the ready, to compare days I need to have lunch on the go or breakfast has to be light or we won't be in at all.

I made up a new Twitter Backround for my page, since all of the items on my old page were long sold out!
I made an EART TEAM treasury about SUMMER! Check out the Treasury. Please remember to Click on Each item and leave us a comment about the treasury! Thanks so much!!!


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