Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garage Sales!

Today I stopped at a tag sale and found a box of dolls. I got a great deal on them, only to come home and find many of them dismembered! My daughter and I sorted through the tub and she took out the ones she wanted and I found one that I had even played with as a child! Sorting was nostalgic and fun! I even had some stories to share with her. As we got to the bottom of the tub (over an hour later as this tub was overflowing to the max!) we noticed we had a lot of parts that just didn't match up. So what does one crafty chica do when Life gives her a box of parts?????

Make earrings of course!!!! My daughter was a bit mortified at first, but then when she saw them on, she asked if I could just make her a hand pair since the arms were too long! hahaha!! Has she learned the art of:
If you can't understand your mom, join her???


Jeni said...

Of course you make earrings and necklaces from the left over pieces! Or you could stick them onto dolls and make some three armed people.

missknits said...

love it!! cant wait to see what you do with them all! i say go for it!

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