Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making The Most of Your Treasury

Today, I was lucky enough to be featured in 8 treasuries, yes I said that right 8. I love those curators that love my pieces enough to feature them and I enjoy the fans that heart my items and even the ones that buy them too! Treasuries can lead to sales, especially if you help them along! I once wrote a feature about making the most of your treasury feature and it was a hit. I proved that in following simple steps in promoting the work that others are also promoting, it can and most likely will lead to a sale. With 8 treasuries, this will prove to be a bit difficult today, but there are ways to make it work! Be sure to help others promote that treasury that you are in. Make that link spread like wild fire. Write a blog post, tweet it, facebook it, flickr the screen shot etc (do as many of those as you can). Then go back and comment on the treasury iteself. Thank the curator for featuring you, offer a special to those that buy from you that found you there AND leave a link to where you yourself featured the treasury. Make sure all links can trace back to you in some way. I am a bit late on this promotion, so hopefully I can prove a point and I will update what happens tomorrow.

Treasuries I am Featured In:

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