Thursday, August 19, 2010

30 and Fabulous

As you all know, I have turned 30 this year. I committed myself to getting healthy before my birthday and managed to drop 50 pounds. I am now determined to tone up with the rest of this year. I will be Jogging (in hopes of running a 5K), doing my Wii, Winsor Pilates....Pretty much you name it and I will try it. I will be embarking on this new challenge as my daughter begins her new challenge, on Monday. She starts Kindergarten and I get toned and healthy!

I am not sure if I will continue the checking in here or start a separate blog to follow through. I can only hope that many of you will join me and this can become a group effort of sorts. When my husband gets home, I will have photos of myself put up (YIKES) so that I can track my progress!
If you are interested in joining me, I have started a Facebook Group for us all to check in and chat a bit easier! I will update my progress there daily and am even keeping a food diary there as well starting tomorrow!

My Equipment:
-I got these for my every day errands and around the house shoes. I'm curious to see if they tone me up during my off time! (can't hurt)

-I got these for training for my 5K, I hope to run one in October maybe end of November depending on our schedule with the kids and husbands work.

Nike Plus for Ipod from Sports Authority (tracks calories and miles run)
- Easily my favorite work out gadget!! Slips right into my shoe for EXACT mileage and such!

Let's Get Started!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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If It Ain't Chunky, It Ain't Funky!
Stop in and see the different things I work with! Vintage Buttons and old school toys too! I'm also constantly on the hunt for unique vintage finds, check it all out!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Chance to Win One of Seven Prizes!!!

My STREET TEAM is hosting a LARGE Giveaway of 7 different prizes! Take a minute to head on over there and see what you can win and how to do it!!! So much to win and so many artists to meet!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Summer!

Summer is coming to a close and I keep wanting to spend as much time as possible with my little ones before school starts! We are having a blast and enjoying the last weeks! We hit up the Wisconsin State Fair and love spending time in the pool! What all have you been up to?
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