Monday, September 13, 2010

Lesson Learned

Back to school Haircuts are as common as School Supplies and New Shoes! With the Summer, we let it all grow out and wreak havoc on heads. Well this year, we decided to try someplace new, other than our regular Barber for the boys. We were drawn in by a new place with shiny new signs that boasted GRAND OPENING 5.00 Kids Cuts (Regular Price 13.95)! We pay around 15.00 per box to have their hair cut, and figured this was a great deal!

We should have known right?
Warning Signs to look for:

1. Anything that says GRAND OPENING (no clue as to how their past clientele was or any sign at all as to what people think)

2. An Empty waiting area with only 1 other name on the sign in sheet.
(A good place is always busy, no matter what time of day!)

3. Only 1 chair occupied by a stylist and the others are empty.
(Even on slow days, there should be someone else on hand should it get unusually busy)

4. When told what kind of hair cut to give, she asks if we really meant something else.

All these signs were against us, and yet we put the hair of our little guys at her mercy.....
She hacked away at the hair and it looked BEYOND awful. At first it was hard to tell, but when the hair dried (once we were gone of course) it was a DISASTER! There were some parts she hacked all the way to the scalp!

Many would be quick to say 'head back and make her fix it!!' Is this really the smart solution? She hacked it so bad, her only choice in her eyes would be to shave the head!! We headed back to our regular barber, who could only shake his head at us. Fixed and ready for school, we have certainly learned our lesson.

Did we save money? Nope, we overspent! 15.00 at our regular barber PLUS the 5.00 'special'.
What did I do? Took photos of the bad hair and contacted the Better Business Bureau. I contacted the Rockford Association of Businesses and really, truly hope that this was a one time mistake. At least they can check and see if she has her license up to date!


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