Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Focus

Hi everyone! My little girl has started Kindergarten and is already in her 3rd week! She's having an absolute blast and we have fallen in love with this small school. This school is extremely tiny and we want to help as much as we can. I've taken to collecting box tops for her school. Did you know that each box top is worth .10? On the first day of school when I found out about this program, I went through my pantry and with no shopping, just what I had in the house I collected 13 box tops! Want to know what products carry these tops? CHECK IT OUT HERE!
If you have some of these laying around and are not donating them to a school, I would LOVE to take them off your hands! I will pay postage, all you have to do is message me at MichellesCharmWorld @ (no spaces). I have pledged to donate the EXACT same amount in cash as the box tops are worth to the school.
Just how small is this school? It is Kindergarten thru High School and there are 26 students. Yup, I typed that correctly. There are only 2 children in Kindergarten! (One of them is Autumn!)
If you can help, YAY! If not, just spread the word on how AWESOME this program is!
Thanks so much!!!!


missknits said...

ohh fun! i'll let you know if i have any, if i do, they are all yours! :)

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