Friday, September 10, 2010

School Lunches

Does the thought of Hot lunch in a school cafeteria skeeve you out? Do you want your kids to have healthy fun, lunches but you just don't have the time to throw them together? I used to think the same thing, but last year I started getting on a fun food kick. I LOVE the idea of the Japanese Bento Lunch and how fun and creative it can be. Keep in mind it will take a few more minutes than your normal box lunch, but imagine the face your child will have when they open it! Cookie cutters and Cupcake picks can take you to a whole other level! Have fun with it! The kids at school always tell me that they wish they had Autumn's lunch and the teacher's have said that they crowd around to see what she will have each day! (YIKES! The pressure is on!).
It's not hard to get creative, but it can be hard to stick with it! Make it a routine (I do most of the work at night) and then it will just become habit! Shave 5 minutes off your morning shower, get up earlier, go to bed later, it can be done!

I will do a post on my supplies and keeping it all organized coming up soon!


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