Thursday, November 4, 2010

No day Off for a Mommy

This morning I woke with a bit of a sore throat and the sniffles. I ran quickly to the bathroom and took some vitamins and cold medicine. All that ran through my mind, was I CANNOT get sick this week. I have 3 kids in 4 different schools, I have to volunteer this afternoon, parents meeting tomorrow morning, All School Mass tomorrow afternoon and my Daughter has a birthday party to go to tomorrow night. Then my son goes in for surgery next week and will be staying in the hospital, so next week is not a good week to get sick either! All this started rushing through my mind and I began to think, when IS a good time for Mommy's to get sick? I had a tonsil and adenoidectomy on the 23rd of December last year, right before Christmas, so that I didn't inconvenience anyone or mess up the kids' school schedule.

My first thought was.....hmmm I need a vacation, a little Mommy get-a-way! That would then require my husband to take off work to get the kids to all their appointments, then I figured well if he is taking the time off, we could all get away for a vacation and once again the Mommy takes charge of everything and I am left needing a vacation AFTER the vacation.

I try to get away on my own for at least 1 hour once a week and yet in that time, I still get calls to my cell phone or my thoughts just wander to what the kids need while I am out. The life of a Mother is a tough one, even when our children are grown and out of the house. How do I know this? When I got my sons surgery schedule for next week, I realized that it fell right in the middle of the school hour and it would be awhile and he would be staying in the hospital as well. First thing I did? Call my mother to see if she would be able to help out with our schedule.
When my son was violently throwing up at 3am and shivering, the first person I called, was my mother! She was dead asleep as she wakes at 5 am and yet she was still able to calm me down and talk me through getting my son back to a normal temperature. A mothers job lasts forever, I just have to get used to that!

I found it quite ironic that after all that, my husband finally wakes up hours later (He works 16 hour days, so I'm NOT expecting him to help out with the morning run arounds) and says: 'ughhh' I'm sick, I think I may call in and stay in bed all day'

Where is my sick day?
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