Monday, March 21, 2011

Right Now...

Right Now, I Am....
::Crafting with my 5 year old little boy, we are making magnets!
::Enjoying the light left outside.
::Relaxing from running around all morning.
::Trying to reign in my emotions with something that has come up.
::laughing at what my children think is a bird foot (pictured above).
::Wanting to begin a new project for the kids this Summer.
::Listening to the 5 Browns.
::Moving around to the beat of the music!
::Feeling a little sad when I realize how quickly my kids are growing!

Share what you are doing right now with a link in the comments please!


The Tote Trove said...

What a cute idea! (The "what I'm doing now" recap, that is.) As for me, I'm reading people's blogs (obviously) and gearing up to make some new felt necklaces :) BTW, I like your "What I want" corner. Nice picks!

Michelle said...

Thank you!! I love the right now thoughts, they are a way to churn out a quick blog post! Can't wait to see your new necklaces! lol!!

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