Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Write!

I bought the kids some journals for journaling our Spring Break! Since my son goes to 2 different schools (one on spring break this week and another on spring break later in April) we are not able to go away the entire break, but we will do a brief weekend long trip, there is Easter and all the other day trips I have planned. I plan on adding in journaling starters on every other page to get ideas flowing and then letting them have free writing on that other page for them to just write whatever they feel.
If any of the days turn out too rainy to get in our daily outdoor hike, we will use that day to decorate the cover of our journals!
On the left side of every page it is blank and this will leave them the ability to draw on this page, I like to push art as much as the writing!
How do you document Spring Break???


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