Saturday, March 19, 2011

Right Now....

Right Now, I Am....
::Waiting for my Dad to get here, my husband and I are volunteering at Bingo tonight!
::Hugging my 3 year old who just got his first ever splinter while playing on the deck :(
::Relaxing from cleaning all morning.
::Trying to come up with a way to organize the art supplies better.
::Loving the warm breeze billowing in from our windows and doors!
::Wanting my Birthday to get here before Wednesday!! (I'm such a kid)
::Listening to the chattering of the 2 big kids playing outside at the water table.
::Smelling the scents of lavender cleaning supplies and apple candles.
::Feeling the soft cushion of my comfy red couch! I need to sit more often!

Share what you are doing right now with a link in the comments please!


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