Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things I Am Loving Right Now....

This week, I am going to share normal every day things or inexpensive activites that have me swooning in love!

#1 and the entire reason for this post this week is the library self check out station! It is ALWAYS empty, even when the 6 staff members are all 3 people deep with lines, nobody ever wants to try this and it's so so so simple!! The best part? You don't have to print out receipt, you can just have it e-mailed to yourself!! (I love this, because it allows me to incorporate it into my online calendar, where I can pop in their return date and the list of books that we have out!)
Rub on letters! These were .99 from Michaels and are a total dream to a Mommy that needs a craft that all of her kids (3,5 and 6) can do together!! We've put them on rocks, paper, wood cut outs and easter eggs! All in preparation for Easter!!
Our new magnetic chore chart that is as simple as library pockets, popsicle sticks and paper men! We had fun creating it and also assigning jobs for the week!


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