Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Alphabet Game!

This fun Easter craft was an easy project for my 3 kids and I to do together in 1 afternoon! It's a fun game that can be used multiple ways!

You will need:
~Alphabet Stickers (or really neat handwriting!)
~Card Stock

First, I printed out eggs on card stock (3 different sheets) and handed the scissors to my 6 and 5 year olds so they could get to work cutting them out (great practice for cutting on the lines).

As they were being cut out, my 3 year old and I stuck the letter stickers on them in a pattern. First I had him create the pattern using the 3 different papers and then we played eye-spy in order to find the letters we needed (I spy a P) and stuck them on! All Done!!

Games We Can Play:
1. Pattern Practice! We can organize the eggs by patterns, ignoring the letters on them.

2. Alphabet order! We can put them in alphabetical order.

3. Word Play! We can spell easy sight words
4. Clothespin Match Up! We made these eggs with lower case letters, so that they could be matched up to our upper case letter clothespin game!

Enjoy and link to your Easter Crafts!

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CK said...

Oh my goodness! Clothespins!!! I think I am going to try this out for my three year old next week during our little home preschool class.
Thanks so much!

Michelle said...

Yes!! Your little one will love it! It's such a simple thing, yet they can play with them for hours!! I use them for many different activities!

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