Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easy Memory Game and GIVEAWAY!!

  After finding a wonderful bulletin board border at our teacher store, I used the parts I needed for our chore chart and got to thinking as to what I could do with the leftovers! My youngest is 3 and can never keep up when we play memory with the big kids, so I thought these pieces would be PERFECT for a mini memory game to help build up his memorization skills!! I cut them down to a mini 10 piece game.
He had such a blast playing and the smile on his face when he would match one was so big it melted my heart!!!
He even liked matching them up when they were right side up!! This was a game that he has played over and over again and even his brother and sister get involved when we play at a restaurant and the food takes a little long to come! (Usually breakfast on Sunday after Mass when the places are so full!!)

We had some awesome little envelopes that I have been dying to use with something (I got a case of over 1000 of them for .99 at the Salvation Army!! We used scrap paper and flashcard pieces with some stickers to decorate them and they are so cute!! We gave a few away to his friends in our playgroup and still have some left over!

Want to win one of these awesomely fun little games?? Just follow my blog AND leave a comment with your email address.

Please share a crafty tip if you have one! This giveaway is open until April 20th! Share the link with your friends! We have 5 sets to give away!!


Melissa said...

Thanks for linking up at Fancy Friday! I like this memory game!

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