Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh NO Easter!


Is it just me, or does Easter seem to be the CANDY CANDY CANDY Holiday?? As you all know by now, I do not like to give my children too much of this stuff and every now and then I do give them some junk and all is well! Am I doing my children a disservice this way? Every Easter, it seems that I have children throwing up in the car on our long trek home, due to an overwhelming amount of sweets, that even though Mommy and Daddy say NO! Some still insist on giving! 
"It's only 1 day!" 
"They are kids! Leave them alone!"
"It's EASTER!"
"I see them once a year, let me give them what I want!"

But where are all these 'nice' people when I have a little girl in my arms crying at night and throwing up down Daddy's back?
Where are these people when my litle boy throws up all over our freshly cleaned back seat and moaning that there is more coming??

If I let them indulge more often (I even freeze yogurt and tell them that that is Ice Cream!!), maybe they wouldn't get sick? Argg....The good thing is that many people are catching on to where I stand and I only have a couple more stubborn people to deal with! haha!!

First, thank you thank you, to those of you that gave the kids awesome totes, shopping bags and reusable purses/backpacks! These are great for throwing back into everyday use in many different areas of our life! Those that gave regular baskets? AWESOME! Thank you! They fit right on top of the craft table, once I cut the handles off! Perfect for holding foam stickers, glue sticks and the like!! Then there are the CUTE, but eastery baskets....hmmmmm

Alright, anyways! This post is about little trinkets and candy! After Easter, we end up with anywhere between 18-21 easter baskets total (3 kids and many many people we visit). This is A LOT of trinkets! I wanted to share what we do with the smallest items and the stuff that seems to come in every basket.

I decided to take those baskets and make car totes! I took small toys, crayons, stamps, notebooks, bubbles, games etc. and filled 2 baskets. These now sit in my husbands and my car! Each basket has a different variety of items in it and offers the kids something NEW in the car for awhile until it breaks, is worn out etc. I took all the candy and spread it between 3 freezer bags as well and now it's instant snack bag to grab out of the counter and throw into my purse. Now whenever we are waiting a little too long, someone is getting a little too anxious or a bit too hungry (yesterday on  the highway waiting for roadside assitance), then BAM we have something fun and sweet and sugary and maybe this will help ease that once a year massive candy stomach ache! hahha!!

Hope you all had a marvelous Easter Holiday and continue to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Spring that we have been Blessed with! 

One way we re-used Easter Baskets! This was one that the kids got and it now sits on the 'kid tray' of acceptable snacks throughout the day. Instead of having kids opening and closing the pantry all day long, they can look on the counter for an okay snack. They are allowed to only have 1 a day if they are in school or 2 a day if it's a no school day.

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Anonymous said...

I am not all about the candy either. In our baskets I put pretzels, goldfish and little toys. Grandparents on the other hand don't get it. Most I just throw out when we get home. That is a great idea to make up baskets to put in the car! I will have to try that.


phasejumper said...

Good idea to make car totes!

Michelle said...

Thank you ladies!!!

kewkew said...

Thanks for linking up over at Tots and Me. I know how you feel. I started doing stuffed animals for holidays like Easter and Valentines Day a while ago, but then we had an overabundance of those. I don't understand why all these holidays have to be about candy.
I'm amazed at how many baskets your kids get. Wow. Our kids get the ones we give them and that is all. Blessings

Michelle said...

Yes, it is an insane amount of baskets, even on Christmas we fill up the van with gifts!

My husbands parents are both divorced and my husbands grandparents both sets get them something and then a couple aunts do the same.

Then on my side of the family, my parents give them baskets, my sister, my grandfather and then the Easter Bunny. Multiply all that by 3 for the 3 kids and it is INSANE haha!

Jen said...

I totally agree with this idea. I always give my daughter books or something like that along with a few little treats.
Thanks for linking up at Handmade Love Thursdays.
I am now following you.

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