Thursday, April 21, 2011

Right Now........

Right Now I Am...
  • Exhausted from playing and planting on our first nice day this week!
  • In love with blog hopping! (Share your blog link in the comments!)
  • Sitting in a cozy corner of my living room as my kids watch a movie.
  • Watching Bedtime Stories, but my kids call it Raining Gumballs!
  • Thinking of all the fun we are going to have on Spring Break!
  • Painting my toenails, gotta look pretty fora Easter!
  • Wishing the my husband could be here with us!
  • Sipping green tea.
  • Feeling my laptop getting hot! (Have to get my lap table!)
  • Planning our schedule for this upcoming Summer.
  • Smiling, as I watch my 3 kids laying side by side on the living room floor.
  • Happy with what I have been Blessed with!
What are you RIGHT NOW????



phasejumper said...

Great peek into your day!

Michelle said...

Thank you! It's a good way to work my memory and see if I can even remember what I did! haha!

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