Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sorting Fun

As you read in Monday's post, we are working with marshmallows this week! Today, we woke up to SNOW in the Midwest! Yup, we were wearing shorts last week and now it's back to Winter coats and sweaters underneath! YIKES! It was definitely an indoor learning day for the little tater tot!

You've seen him before, when he first learned how to use my craft punch! He had a blast just punching anything that was in the scrap bin! The circles were so cute and fun, I had to keep them for other projects!! We made some great stuff and I will continue to share them in future posts!

We used a 1.5 inch punch, marker, plastic eggs and egg carton for this project.
I numbered each circle with 1 number 1-12.
We only used half of an egg in each of the holes and then put 1 circle in each one (yellow paper made them look like yolks!).
I handed him a bowl of marshmallows and told him to put the same amount of marshmallows in each numbered egg. It got tricky when it got to 8 and above, but it was still a lot of fun!!
Share your sorting activities in the comments!!


Charcoal and crayons said...

Oh so fun!... and educational too. I love how they actually look like eggs.
- Andrea

Michelle said...

Thanks Andrea!!! :)

danielle said...

I think you just totally talked me into getting craft punchers...because circles are too cute. As are marshmellos...

LOVE it!


Trisha said...

What a clever idea! Very cute :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Andrea!!! :)

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