Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Week in Photos!

When making my daughter's Bento lunch, I always like to create an appropriate card for what activity she has going on after school! This days lunch was on Monday, when she has Chinese class after school. I wrote I LOVE YOU in Chinese! On her art class day, I usually draw a photo for her or on Science Club day, I have to really get creative and this week just made her lunch note in the shape of a beaker with a science fact in it. Thursday is Ballet, so I tucked a little ballerina cupcake pick into her cheese cubes and Friday brings the weekend, so I made sure to have Daddy write her note, so she knew that he would be with us all weekend long (no work on the weekends!!)

Finishing up the plane tickets for our trip around the world! We are getting so excited to learn about places that we have never been and to 'revisit' places we have been!!

Hello old friends!! Time to dust off my gym shoes again! The weather is getting warmer and my mother signed us up for the Chicago Marathon in October! WOW! I have a lot to do to get in that kind of shape!! I'm thinking of hiring a personal trainer, but still not sure! YIKES!


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