Monday, May 9, 2011

5 a Day Book Project! Week 1

Happy Day! I am finally taking a minute to sit down today and I am just smiling with how wonderful it all went! Every morning, I wake up before my husband and kids, to have that moment where everything is still and quiet and perfect. You know, when the air holds a small chill and the sun has yet to appear over the horizon. Everything seems so new and fresh and forgiving. This moment is all my own, I take a glass of orange juice (fresh squeezed the night before) and usually have a seat on the deck. The air just invigorates me and tells me that it's a new day. Next, I sit quietly and check e-mails and all other Social Media that I have going on. Finally, my favorite part of the morning is taking in some blogs. I usually check about 10, but if I have time, I can do as many as 20! This morning I came across The Imagination Tree's post about the 5 a day Book Project. This seemed absolutely spectacular and right up our alley! We are a huge reading family! I've mentioned it before that we love to do anything that has to do with books! To read more about the project, please click on the link and go to Imagination Tree's blog!

I knew straight away that in addition to reading Charlotte's Web (1 chapter every night) and whatever the kids brought to me, we would go a more structured route. I went straight to our handy book display and emptied it out (today was our day to replace the books anyway!) to get it ready for our 5 books.
I meant to do this earlier today, but it got busy with one thing after another! I finally now had some time to put some things together and here they are! As soon as the new books hit the display, little hands were grabbing and ready to turn the pages!

First up, is Goodnight Moon, an old favorite that has been retired from our shelves for too long. This was a large lap book that we recently found at a tag sale! The kids love the brightness of the photos and with the size of the book, there is no arguing that someones head is in the way!

Next up, is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Without a doubt, a hands down Pre-School favorite! This one always gets all the kids answering and reading along with me, I knew this would be perfect for this project, to start us off!
Purplicious is a new book that we have yet to delve into! We bought it over the weekend and have waited for just the right moment! Isn't this perfect?! We can't wait to see what happens here!!
Busy Boats is a book we picked up on a treasure hunt recently and we have yet to read, I figure it was perfect book to read, after our Sailing Adventures!
Finally, we have Let's Measure it. This book goes well with my little guy's daily lessons this week with measuring things. We are using household goodies to measure things, in addition to a measuring tape! 
We are starting our reading tonight! Hope they love it as much as I already do!!
This 5 a day project, has definitely made it onto our Summer Bucket List

Are you doing this? What are your 5 books for this week?
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