Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Virtual Vacation Update!

Our departure date is getting closer and we couldn't be more excited!! Every time we are out and about, I have this exciting adventure in the back of my mind and that's why I post updates! I am almost always picking up more and more goodies to go along with us on our adventures!

This awesome load of stamps from around the world, I picked up at an antique shop in Wisconsin Dells, while we were on vacation over Spring Break! It was an awesome find as it was 2 GIANT freezer bags full of hand cancelled vintage stamps from all over the world! This cost me 2.00! I plan on using these fantastic stamps to put in their passports, use on Country crafts and other fun things as we go along!

This gem was found at the Michaels dollar section! The perfect addition for our journey to France! Looks like we know what our craft in France will be! For 1.00, I bought each child one, so that they could all do their own!  I am on the hunt for just the right Eiffel Tower guide book, to read aloud as we do this project.
 Michaels once again hits a home run with these awesome die cuts on clearance for .79! It's a large package of 30 of them and I plan on using these as journaling tags in their journals AND to write the word of what it is in English and the Language of the Country we are in as well on them! A way to sneak in language learning, writing and journaling all in one handy craft!
If you remember my previous update, I mentioned those post cards on sale for .99. They are now on clearance for .79!! I also picked up this awesome STAMP punch for 13.99 with a 40% off Coupon AND an additional 10% off coupon! These are perfect for making Country stamps AND decorating the back of the post card for the Country we are in at that moment and then sending them off to Family and Friends! I even printed out mailing labels for the bottom of the postcards that say:
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My favorite buy from Michaels? These awesome GLOBE pushpins! They are perfect for charting on our map each location we visit! I have a large project in mind for this, that I will keep you post on in another update!

Want some of the goodies found here? Message me and I will be glad to run a price by you and shipping if you don't have any of this local!

Want one of our Virtual Vacation Kits as shown in the first photo HERE, then message me for the price! I have already shipped off 8 of these!!

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