Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back in the Garden!

 We are back in the garden, this time the container garden! I found a fantastic deal on plants at Lowes while we were out and had to pick up some plants! There were not many left, but we made do! I found  tomato, basil, lavender, pepper and strawberry plants all for 1.50 each! Then as we were walking to the register, I found the flat of assorted flowers for 1.79, so I grabbed one of those too! The kids and I had a blast putting in the soil and then watering, they have become pros by now and barely needed my help at all!
My youngest had a blast scooping the dirt, he designated that 'his' job! The oldest liked watering the plants and my oldest boy, loved squeezing the plants out of the flats they came in! Everyone seems to have found their 'place' in the garden!
The other sweet treat we found was hummingbird nectar! We are so excited to make a hummingbird feeder this Summer! I love the hardware store, it's always a treasure box of items that BEG to be used in ways other than their intended purpose!!

What are you up to on this fine Saturday?


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