Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft in a Minute! Colored Sand

 We are on our way to the sane park after school today, but for my little guy he just can't wait to get out there! He was getting antsy and the water table and sandbox just weren't doing it for him! I figured we would stick with our Sand theme that we have going on after school, and came up with just the thing! Colored Sand! I went into my studio and came out with some empty plastic bottles I had and we got straight to work!
Materials Needed:
Cheese Grater (.10 at a tag sale)
Plastic Spoon
Container (Old hummus container)
Sidewalk Chalk
Sand (from our sand box!)

Just take the chalk and grate it into the sand that you have previously scooped and keep on mixing it up, so you can see how much you need to add! This took us barely any time to make up (I grated and he mixed!) and then before you knew it, he was having a blast mixing it all together! hahaha!!


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