Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's Finds!

With the weather finally warming up and the rain being held at bay, we started walking to school for my son (less than a block away) and we happened to see a garage sale!! We popped in and came out with these awesome books and this Eric Carle game for a total of 1.25 spent! I love garage sales! How about you?
I won a giftcard to our local teacher store and couldn't wait to spend it! My son is VERY into the solar system right now, so I let him have his pick of goodies and then I of course rounded out with a couple things for my other 2! We have been having a blast so far and I will post later what we have done!! Nothing beats the smell of new school supplies! haha!!

Any plans this weekend? We are headed to a fun fair at my oldest sons school tonight and then hopefully turning the garden!
We just stopped at another garage sale and I picked up these awesome plastic ladles for the water table,  Super cute leaf cups that will work on our nature table in the Fall and a penguin book all for .10 each. I also found the cutest Vintage Walt Disney World drink stirrers and an awesome vintage metal tea strainer that has already been taken to the sand table by my little guy also .10 each. Total spent .90, but the lady kindly told me .75! WOOHOO!!



SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

I so love rummage sales! You can find the best bargains :D I got Little Bit a Step 2 playhouse last year for 5$!! I was so tickled with myself. It sat outside until this year. He is finally big enough to play in it and it was worth every penny. Enjoy your weekend :D

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