Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun in the Sand!

The weather was outrageous today, so we headed off to the sand park! We have this fabulous park that has walking trails and a man made waterway for fishing and the like. It at one point also had a carved out area for a beach, but after only a few truckloads of sand, they abandoned the idea and left it as is. This small area is awesome for beach play on a day not hot enough to go in the water and it's quite the hidden gem, that there is never anyone over there! PERFECTION!
 I snagged one of the mesh bags from the 5 pack I got at the Dollar store and filled it with all kinds of recycled goodies that would be perfect for sand play. As you know, I LOVE using recycled items for the kids playtime and the best part? If they break or get lost, no big deal!!!
 Kids cups from restaurants are so easy to wash out and toss aside to keep for the kids to play with! Crystal Light containers, yogurt cups, plastic spoons and other goodies can go such a long way!
 I threw in a ziploc baggie of coffee stirrer straws and scrap paper triangles and the kids made flags with them too!! It was such a blast to see them put 2 and 2 together!!
 I also added in scoops and pitchers picked up at tag sales! I never spend more than .25 for each item, so that they can have more and it's no biggie if it gets lost!
All recyclables and so much fun! These items mostly were free and some as much as .05 and yet they equaled hours of fun and play!!

What's your thrifty secret?


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