Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there! I am very happy to say that I am the daughter to one super amazing woman. She doesn't get online much and I'm pretty positive she has never seen this blog, but I just want the world to know that she is a truly wonderful mother. Growing up we definitely butted heads...A LOT, but you know what? I'm appreciative of that. She was incredibly strict and it drove me wild, even thought my oldest is only 6, I find myself following that same path. I've grown up to be a confidant, strong and smart mother of 3 and I owe that all to her. We learn by what we see and I saw a mother that loved as much as she could, protected as long as she could and did anything and everything to make our dreams come true. I'm happy to say that I have traveled the world thanks to her, gone to a college out of state thanks to her confidence in me, went to private schools my entire life. I could truly write a blog about the woman that call my mother, but I don't know if she would like that! haha! She's a very private person and I admire her for that.

Why is it that on a blog to the World, I can write all this and let her know how proud I am of her, for putting her dreams aside to raise me and make me who I am today, but I could never tell her in person? Why is that here on this platform, I can say that I respect, admire and love my mommy for all she has done and continues to do and I could never utter these words? Why do I worry about making her proud still? Why is it that I have no problems spilling out my thoughts here, but I clam up when we sit on the couch at her house and watch a movie? Did you know that one of my biggest fears is one of us dying and her never knowing how much I truly love her and how much she impacts the way I raise my children. How much my husband does to impress her. Together we work with her in our heads, because she has had that much influence on our lives. Many that don't know her, may call her cold, but those of us that do? We know she has the biggest and warmest heart that beats with love.

All through high school, I remember thinking that if I ever had kids, I would never be as crazy as she is! Now? I pray to God that I turn into the exact mother that she was then and is now. I love you Mom and I'm so glad that God chose you as my mother. I'm literally tearing up as I type this, wondering if she will ever stumble across this? Wondering if I should just hit the print button and tuck it into her card. Mom, if you do see this, I love you more than you will ever know. So many people always say, you never know what you mother went through until you have kids and now I know. That's all I can do, because I have yet to invent a time machine to go back and change it all, the mouth of a teenager! Thank you for always believing in me and please know, that if God let me pick my mother, it would have and always will be you.

Love you Always!

Thank you readers, for joining me on this emotional roller coaster of a novella today! I will be back to my normal posting tomorrow! haha! For today, my Mom gets center stage! Oh and no, you can't have her!!
The first photo, shows the gifts that the kids and I made for her! Double sided photo blocks and the kids hands embroidered and placed in a frame.
The second photo is my mom and I at my 30th birthday dinner!


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