Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Headed Outdoors!

With the rain held at bay and the sun shining bright, we decided to work a bit backwards today! We usually start our lesson over a relaxed breakfast once the older kids are off at school and the house has settled a bit, but today was just SCREAMING for us to get outside ASAP! This week we are studying butterflies and I knew that I wanted to get a butterfly feeder into our garden, so that is exactly what we worked on first! My son had no clue what we were doing, but he had a blast sitting in the grass with some glue and what looked to be fancy dishes!! We glued some thrift store finds together and once it dried, we added some over ripe food that was headed to compost on the saucer and some sugar water into the cup! I thought this looked too cute!!
It wasn't all about studying though! We took some time to gather acorn caps and play cars too! As we played, we talked about butterflies and trees and even laid down to see if we could identify anything in the clouds!

When it got a bit too warm, we took a break with some lemonade inside and sat with our books! These are great resources and my son loved to look at the pictures up close with a magnifying glass!! We took a small plastic butterfly and threw it into the air and then took turns catching it in the butterfly net! I think I had more fun than Roman on that one! hahaa!

After lunch was through, we headed outdoors again and got some lettuce planted into our newest planter that has been added to our container garden! Last year we have a super successful garden and I am aiming to have the same this year! Salads always seem to taste better when the food is fresh and grown right at home!

What did you do outside?


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Justine said...

Thanks! You're awesome! Where did you get your containers from? I think we might go that avenue for some of our garden this year. Less weeding! ;)

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