Friday, May 20, 2011

How Do You Blog?

As I sit here blogging in the morning and of course multi tasking, I begin to wonder if I am crazy or if other people blog the same way? I've mentioned before that I do most of my reading in the early mornings, before the rest of the house is awake. It's a time when I can revel in the silence and get my thoughts together on how to make the most of the 20 hours in front me. (Yes, I stay up incredibly late, or would that be early? haha).
I sit every morning with my MOM CENTRAL organizer (Which I picked up NEW in PACKAGE at the Goodwill for .89!) and my small spiral bound index card notebook and pen, which slides easily into the top spiral.  I like the size of this notebook, because it easily slides into my purse the minute I am done using it, so I always have it on hand. The organizer? It slips into my larger tote bag that I always have in my car (Snacks, busy bag stuff, change of clothes and the like!). Today, I want to take you deeper into my idea notebook!
 The first section, I have cut into 3 row strips, this makes the most use out of each page and allows me to make lists for 3 separate stores if need be or just 3 different lists. I love that the tops are perforated, so I don't have that scraggly mess that ends up in notebooks when you tear out the page.

The See Through Avery tab is perfect for when I needs to flip through sections FAST (COUPON AVAILABLE TO TRY THEM YOURSELF!)! My next section is not torn up and left whole, this is my idea section. If I see something I MUST try, MUST buy or would love to research more, I jot it down! I know that I can use Internet Bookmarks, but I am a fan writing AND this keeps my list accessible when I am out and about and I run across something that would work perfectly or if I want to tweak something while waiting!
Flip to the back and I have taped in an envelope to hold all my coupons! I love how handy this is, especially when I get a coupon at the register! I tuck it right in and always have it handy! On my shopping list, if I have a coupon for something, I put a little *STAR* next to it and write COUPON, so that I can take it out and tuck it right onto the package and I don't forget!

I also love to use this notepad, because it has plain, unlined backsides. These are perfect for sketching out ideas and such that I have in mind. The above sketch is because my CANDY SWEET jewelry is going to be featured in a local runway show this weekend!!

So, the question remains: How do you blog?????



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