Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lacing Beads!

 After coming across a large box of unfinished wood pieces at a garage sale for 2.00, I knew what project was ahead for us!! These fantastic pieces were destined to be lacing beads and in the future another project is ahead for them!
 It was a fun enough project with just the painting! Even the little guy got involved. We laid out some newspaper and got straight to work. Primary colors were the colors we aimed for, as we love the look of a rainbow of colors.

 After everything was dry, The kids got started right away, while I made up a lacing kit, I included string in many colors, buttons and straw beads too!
 Each sort of bead got its own little container and then it all slid into one larger container.
Recent additions are long wooden tubes and marker caps and tubes from markers that no longer work! This is always a fun rainy day project when we are having a 'fashion show' the kids love to design their own jewelry (like mommy) and then add it to their outfits! These necklaces have often made it out into the public eye on our errands too! Even Daddy has been known to wear a necklace out to dinner!!!

What is in your lacing bead collection?
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