Saturday, May 7, 2011

Old is New Again!

Would you like your kids to read more? Look at books? I have the perfect solution!
We have a VAST collection of books (2 book cases in common areas, the boys have 1 and Autumn has 2, we have 1 small one in our room), we are BIG readers and love nothing more than to sit on a blanket in the park, thumbing through a book.

Sometimes, old favorites get lost and are never seen or heard from again! I picked up a fantastic paper sorter at a tag sale for .50 and popped it on top of our nature table! I went into each book shelf and grabbed 1 book, then I put 1 book in each paper slot. Within MINUTES, the kids were curious as to what was in there and they grabbed a book and sat and leafed through! Then they traded and did it all over again! It's amazing how putting something on display, makes it new again!
Try it! 


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