Thursday, May 26, 2011

Organizing Spelling Words!

When my daughter started kindergarten at the beginning of the year, she started coming home with spelling words daily that she needed to be tested on the next day. I started out saving the words and tests and realized that this could quickly get out of hand! I decided to put the words into a binder on looseleaf paper with divider tabs inside. This way every single word she learned would go inside along with any words that the kids asked for help spelling. This has become a great go to guide when learning how to spell a word.
As each word comes in, I write it in as my daughter or son spells it to me from their list of words and in it goes! If we are working on writing letters to family, and they need help spelling a word, we get out the Spelling Word dictionary and flip to the first letter and then I write it in as they sound it out. It is a longer process than just telling them, but I feel that they are learning a bit.

We also keep track of the definitions on a separate sheet of paper in the binder! This now keeps everything together for us to look up in the future and helps with the memorizing of words.

I also put her daily words on card stock and a binder ring so that she can flip through them after school whenever she needs a refresher and also in the car ride on the way to school! This has been the greatest help to her. It's not a waste of paper, as we only use paper from our scrap bin!

I purchased the 100 Words books at the beginning of the school year (Grades 1-3), just to see how well she was staying on target and at the end of Kindergarten, she has worked her way all the way through the 2nd grade book and about 60% of the 3rd grade one! I love these books as they have fun activities inside and also have lists of words, to just go through as a quick review. I keep these books in the front pocket of the binder.

Share what works for you with school papers!



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