Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playing House

As I was on my way down the hall taking laundry to my room, I heard a noise in my daughters room, I peered in to find my youngest lying on her floor and playing with her dollhouse! He was making the people talk and moving them about. It was such a sweet sight, I had to watch for a bit. I tiptoed out to grab my phone so that I could snap a photo and ended up just watching some more. The imagination in kids so young that know you are not around is something so sweet and wonderful to watch!

Before my husband started his current job where he works an incredible amount of time, he was laid off for over a year. In this time he went into business online making portable dollhouses and wooden train cases. These are made to look like purses, that can be toted anywhere! Once the child opens them up, another world appears! I love these little houses and wish he still had time to do more, they are so much fun!

I hope you have a Blessed and Wonderfully sweet Sunday!!



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