Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainy Day Craft!

With the end of the school year close at hand, I am am being presented with pencil boxes full of broken and well worn crayons! I knew just what to do with them when the storm rolled in on Sunday.
The big kids and I started peeling off the paper of the ones that still had them on it and the little guy got to break them down. It started as a color sorting game for him and then as we still had a few remnants left, I had him just add them wherever he felt like it! I like to use the cupcake liners, because this helps clean up and gives the crayons a fun ruffled edge. *I only use CRAFTING cupcake pans for making these, I would feel that no matter how much I scrubbed, they would never be clean enough*

As soon as they were ready for using, the kids went crazy using them, so I quickly whipped up some small notebooks for them to use and this worked out so much better! We are using these for the kids to jot down memories of the last week of school! As you can see in the very first photo, I store the notebooks with the crayons in an old 2lb strawberry container!

Wait until you see what we are doing with these crayons! That post is for tomorrow!!
What is your rainy day go-to craft?

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