Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Time for my favorite post of the week! Thrifty Thursday is where I like to post my thrifty finds for the past week. now that the weather is warmer, I tend to find goodies at garage sales and thrift shoppes combined! The total spent last week was 3.10!

First up a vintage word game called JITTERS. This game is so fun, that my 6 year old has already asked to play it about 4 times! The best part? The letter dice are perfect for using in other things too!! You have a limited amount of time to make words in the shape shown on the card AND with the letters that are facing up when you tip the cup! The timer has attracted the boys and my older son loves to play so much too!!
I adapted this game to help my 3 year old play too, He doesn't use the timer and after he tips the cup, I write down the words that can be made on a piece of paper. THEN he finds the dice to create those words 1 at a time. It helps him learn new words AND identify letters too, the best part? He gets to play with the big kids too!

Alphabet Squiggle is a super fun game that all can play!! You roll your die (how fun and colorful it is!) and move your token that many paces until you land on a letter. When you arrive at that letter you can either write a word that starts with that letter OR draw a picture where that letter is visible in a word that begins with that letter!! My little guy only has to write the letter and say what letter it is to get the points! If you are able to do both you get 2 points! Learning has never been so fun!

There are 3 books that I got and they are spectacular! The vintage reader is my daughters favorite and she has already laid claim to it! The Thematic kindergarten Units book is my best buy at .25 and it's in MINT condition! The Geography book is fitting in spectacularly with our Around the World vacation we have coming up!!!

Please share your thrifty finds!!

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