Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's Thoughts!

This was Teacher Appreciation Week! What did you bring in for the special teachers in your life? We did these fantastic baskets with print outs found here!
This basket was made from the bottom of a strawberry container!
The bud vase? A syrup jar from a restaurant!
The weather got warm and we hit the park! I love how portable the bubble station is! I pulled it out and my son started playing and within minutes the entire park was hanging out with us!! I would have taken a photo, but as I didn't know any of the children, I didn't think it was right. Get out there and enjoy the day!!

What Just Happened?
Blogger is not letting me see my subscribed to blogs!!! What happened? Did this happen to anyone else? I'm in a mad panic, because I can't read some of my favorite blogs today!!!

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