Monday, May 9, 2011

Water Play!

 My daughter was working a car wash for her school and of course it gets all kids wanting to play in the water, rather than wash cars! I knew just the activity for them once we got home, off to the water table we went!  I filled some squeeze bottles with water (Hobby Lobby .71!) and put a couple drops of food coloring into each and it became a mixing station! Colors were made, soup was created and an all around good time was had! I was sure to put them in play clothes and as far as the water table we used, it was one that we picked up at a rummage sale for 2.00! So needless to say, it's the perfect base for getting creative and colorful!! It's amazing how an ordinary and fun water table becomes an absolute blast for more hours than before.
After packing up all the water toys last year, I knew that this year I wanted to go with something different and fun for the table. I decided to fill it with 'toys' that are ordinarily found in our rubbish bins or in the kitchen! I picked up measuring cups, eye droppers, measuring spoons, scoops and funnels, pitchers etc. all at tag sales and thrift shops! We bought a pack of sponges at the dollar store and cut 1 of them up into strips for them to use too! Jars and yogurt cups and soap bottles rounded it off and now they want to be out there non stop! The best part, is that it really encourages imaginative play with a little math snuck in! Today I heard:
Gabriel: Autumn, let's make some soup!
Autumn: YEAH! WE need 1 cup of soup
Gabriel: No 1/2 a cup, so we need to get rid of 1/2
Roman: I mix it mix it!
Autumn: Gabriel add 1 small spoonful of purple water (MOM! What is 1 small spoonful called)
Mom: 1 Teaspoon

And on and on it went! So much fun!

What do you do with your water table?


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