Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Write Some More!

 We're bloggers and we love to write, right? I'm always jotting something down or doodling a quick sketch with an idea. I love the written word, to create it and to read it! It's a passion I guess. I'm lucky in the sense that I have kids that enjoy this too, they even have journals!. It could be that I have set an example and they just want to be like Mom, but it could also be that I like to make writing utensils easily accessible to little hands! I always dress up our writing center AND change it out often, so it looks fresh and fun! You will be amazed at what some new pencil toppers can do, they make kids want to use them right away. Try a new sharpener, even my 3 year old dashes right in to sharpen and then use his 'pointy pencil'. A colorful cup of erasers encourages creativity and 'gasp' even mistakes! Let them know it's okay, just erase and it's brand new again! Different types of paper make it possible for the kids to do all kinds of different things! Postcards, Mini pads, list pads with lines and check boxes, restaurant CHECK booklets, post its plain, post its lined etc. Crayons are there, so that the kids can illustrate what they write!! Try it and you will see them flock!
I always am sure to keep the reading and writing shelf accessible too! This has letters in all shapes and forms (Coasters, rocks, tiles, dice, foam, wood, cardstock etc.) and mini chalkboards too! I will go into more detail on this shelf in a future post!! How do you get your little ones to write more?


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