Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Kids 2 Parents 1 Awesome Summer

With the close of the school day yesterday, we said goodbye to daily classes and hello to Summer! It's time for us to begin our bucket list and prepare to learn a whole new realm of things. Summer holds adventure, excitement and fun. It's a chance for us to grow closer as a family and for the little ones to grow closer as friends too. We have a list of things that will dominate our free time, but we also will be open to the unexpected, the unknown and the last minute. With the official start of the Sottile Summer, we are ready for this brand new chapter and cannot wait to report all that it holds for us. We will still have a daily Spanish Lesson, Geography,Science and Math too, but we will make it fun and interesting too. We are also going on a Trip Around The World and have plans to go on several small vacations built into the Summer too, but for the most part we plan on just being together! So come on Summer 2011, bring it on! We are ready for you!!

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