Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adventures in the great Midwest! Part 2

The second part of our series takes place at the Brookfield Zoo! We are members here and LOVE to make a day of it! This week we were lucky enough to get there at opening, which is no small feat with 3 little ones and a 9:30am open time. What time did we leave you ask? After closing!!!! WOW, what a day, but what memories we made.
The kids love the Play Zoo, which makes everything Hands On for the little ones and there is so much to play and explore here! Their favorite part was dressing as a bug and going through the bug walk. Here they could look for bugs in their environment and also read signs that explain everything. 

This zoo is perfect on hot days when the temps shore in the Chicago-land area, because there are a lot of stay cool zones! 4 sprinkler areas and even 1 pop jet water area where the water comes up from holes in the ground! In between that and the air conditioned houses and shops, staying cool is a breeze! the best part of all these splash zones? There are signs all about the water and where it comes from and what it does! This sprinkler helps water the garden area that surrounds it!

There are so many sculptures that are kid-friendly and okay for climbing! This is always a plus, because kids seem to want to climb EVERYTHING! haha!!

While sitting in the kids green house, I came across this book and straight away put it on my MUST HAVE list! It looked great and was perfect for all the activities we have going on!

It's amazing how 1.00 sprayers and a large green house can keep the kids occupied for hours! They sprayed and squirted to their hearts content and it's all okay at this part of the zoo! They learn about plants and stay cool while doing it!
Even though we go for the animals (And yes, we saw a lot of them!), the zoo is an awesome place to explore so much more! We are proud members of this zoo, because even though we can stay from open to close, we still don't even come CLOSE to seeing and doing everything! We haven't touched the sting rays this year yet, gone into the butterfly house, ridden the carousel or milked the cows! Oh well we still have more time left!!!

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