Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventures in the great Midwest! Part 3

Do you know what I love about NOT living in a big old city? The farms, the farmstands, the Farmers Markets, the fruit stands etc! Right down the road (we go by bike!!) is an apple orchard that opens early in the summer for berry picking and stay open right through early November with pumpkins and apples! We love to go berry picking and can easily kill hours here! The kids each get their own buckets and we have a blast! There is no limit, we can never have too much or too little, so it's no big deal! We leave whenever everyone is ready to head out!

The blueberries are the easiest to pick at they are growing right on trees with no thorns and they fall right into your hands! These are so fun to pick and taste soooo sweet! YUM!

The raspberries are harder as they are usually in the middle of very thorny bushes! Guess which my kids love to pick more? The raspberries!!HAHAH!! I guess they love a challenge!! We are headed to a strawberry farm in the upcoming week to get some sweet delicious you pick strawberries and lettuce, this one we have to drive to as it's about 10 minutes away and no sidewalks!

What have you explored in your town recently?


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