Friday, June 24, 2011

Cotopaxi Volcano!

If you are following our Virtual Vacation this Summer, you know that we landed in South America on Monday and just this morning arrived in Ecuador from Brazil. The flight was 5.5 hours and what a better way to stretch our legs than on a hike to check out one of the World's most active volcanoes?! We learned all about Cotopaxi in the Andes Mountains and decided to build our own! It's so easy that you most likely have all the ingredients at home!

You will Need:
Play Dough
Tin Foil
Baking Soda
Plastic Cup
White Vinegar
Food Coloring
Deep Dish to catch the 'lava'
optional items: Trees and Native Animals

Cover your cup in tinfoil, careful to go over the lip and mold a mountain shape. Ours looks a bit crazy, but I loved letting the kids do it to their liking.

 Iron out the clay so that it becomes flat sheets and then press it over the foil. This seemed to be their favorite part as it took forever!!
Add in trees and animals if you would like and place 2tsp. of baking soda into the cup.
(we made the trees out of pipe cleaners). We used animals from the Rainforest Toob and some other randoms that the kids had on hand.
1 cup of white vinegar with food coloring to make it the color of lava!

Pour in the vinegar mixture a little at a time.

Watch your volcano EXPLODE!!!!
Over and Over again!

The kids have had so much fun with this, that I actually had to empty it out and scoop out the baking soda at the bottom, so that they could erupt it for Daddy too!

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jenny @ let the children play said...

You know, I've never tried this but always wanted to. I'm loving your trees! Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime - I love that I get to find so many new wonderful blogs to read like yours :)

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