Thursday, June 9, 2011

Craft in a Minute...Recycled Stamps!!

We had a play date that was going to be outdoors all day today, so we had to think ahead of time what we wanted to do indoors so that there was not too much sun exposure! A quick look at my craft bin set me in the right direction! We pulled out the foam stickers and random scraps of wood and old lids (The tiny stamps are even on old JENGA pieces!)

After sticking the stamps to the wood, the kids were off and running! They had never seen anything so cool and so easy to make! The quickly went through the foam sticker collection, looking for anything they could find that would be the right size of the blocks and lids we had on hand!

This was a fun activity, made even better when I rolled out a loooong piece of Kraft paper! The somehow felt compelled to keep on stamping until the entire page was full! We now have some awesome wrapping paper!!

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