Monday, June 27, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday!

1. If you could be friends with any one reality show star, who would it be?
I truly, 100% dislike reality tv. I think it's such a waste of time and it encourages bad behavior. If I truly had to pick 1 person, then I guess I would go with Chef Ramsey. He is straight forward and his food always looks so good! haha!!

2. What is your favorite flavor coffee creamer
I don't drink coffee! WOW, I'm striking out on these questions this week! haha!!

3. Do you have a favorite pizza place? What is it and why?
OMG, another question hahaha! I am not a pizza fan, but my kids looove it, so when we do go out, we go to Giordano's.

4. Do you have any family traditions?
We go to Disney World once a year and try and take photos in the same spots where we always have, just to see how much everyone has grown.

5. What is your favorite crafty type thing to do?
I love crafting with my children, right now we are crafting our way around the world! Have you seen our latest update? CLICK HERE!

6. Do you like to have pictures taken of you or do you like to be the one taking them?
I have to be the one to take them, as my husband never takes any and I'm usually alone with the kids anyway when he is at work. I don't mind it, since I usually don't like having my pictures taken! haha!!



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