Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Musings from Africa!

Sawubona, Unjani? If you are following our Summer Adventures, you know we are virtually travelling the world! This week our destination is Africa! We are splitting our time between Tanzania and South Africa!
Today we are boarding a plane for our 3 hour flights fro Tanzania to South Africa. In Tanzania we were able to learn about Mt. Kilamanjaro and explore many parts of the land. In order to properly document our trip, we had to have our camera poised and ready, but first we had to make our cameras!

Snag some photos of your favorite sites and tape them left to right. Make sure they are thinner than the top and bottom of the mac and cheese box.

You don't NEED the hole at the top of the box, but I needed some cardboard for other portions of the camera, so I took it from here since you won't see it. Open up the top and bottom of the box and cut a slit the size of your pictures (We are using the box sideways, but I am giving directions based on the box being stood upright). On the back cut out a 'viewing window' where you will be able to view the photos you take.

Cover your camera in paper (you can decorate it first!) and then glue on the lid to the front as well. This is the camera lens. Use the excess cardboard that you saved from before to make a little button at the top side of the camera. Each child just put theirs wherever they wanted. I just cut the holes and then let them have at it.

Slide your photo strip in one hole all the way through the other one on the opposite side of the box. Use the viewing widow to help get it all the way over. Once it is in place, then tape up your window if you would like so it looks like a screen. (2 of my kids taped theirs and 1 left it as is).

Sliding the photos from left to right, allows you to 'view' the pictures you have taken! There is a picture of another tour jeep with a lion right in front of it looking at US!

Snap away and have fun remembering our trip to Africa and Beyond!
We are off to South Africa today, where we will be going on safari and exploring the Kalahari Desert!
I also found this fantastic African Wildlife puzzle at the TARGET dollar spot, so I picked it up! It's 100 pieces and my children had a blast putting it together. They all worked as a team and had fun! I also made up an African Wildlife Fact Sheet so that the kids could locate the animals from the sheet on the puzzle and learn a little about them. This is awesome preparation for the animals they will see on Safari! I will share more about our model Mount Kilamanjaro and our Safari Adventures as time allows! Sala Kahle!


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